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so i’m just about done with steins;gate


Life is Strange, ep1: Chrysalis

Life is Strange is at its best when it keeps its mouth closed.

Life is Strange, episode 1: Chrysalis
Developed by Dontnod Entertainment
Played on PS4; also on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Life Is Strange™_20150214143501

Chloe’s living room. You haven’t set foot in here in years but it’s like you never left. You hit the lights and look around. Family photos on the wall, a blinking answering machine, unpaid bills laid out on the table. You sit on a familiar old couch and close your eyes, remembering the time you and Chloe opened a bottle of wine and spilled it, a faint outline of the stain still visible on the carpet all these years later. Continue reading Life is Strange, ep1: Chrysalis

Game of Thrones, ep 1: Iron from Ice

Licensed games are tricky. They’re often thin, rushed products existing primarily to cash in on the popularity of the original movie or show. Telltale’s most acclaimed game, The Walking Dead season 1, was a notable exception to this. It was a tense, moving story built in an existing world, but being based on the original comic series and not its mega-popular TV adaptation, it was allowed a bit more wiggle room to forge its own path narratively. Telltale’s latest, Game of Thrones, is an HBO property based off the TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, and my biggest question going in was how that distinction would affect things. Continue reading Game of Thrones, ep 1: Iron from Ice


It’s been a while since I’ve really fallen in love with a horror movie. If there’s some new Shitty Found Footage Movie of the Week out there I’ll almost certainly be there day one, but I almost always walk out disappointed. It’s hard to say why I’m so drawn to the genre when so few of them bring anything new to the table but I always go just in case one of them does. For a while there, Oculus seemed like it could be the first potential horror franchise in a while to achieve something different, but by the end it falls short. Continue reading Oculus

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Did anyone think this game would turn out well? Delays, the THQ bankruptcy, the nagging fact that just about every single South Park game has well and truly sucked (though I do have fond memories of multiplayer in that N64 FPS). All signs pointed to lame on this one, so it’s genuinely surprising that it wound up being a great game, and probably one of the best “tie-in” games ever made. Continue reading South Park: The Stick of Truth